K1.5 million for police ops queried

National, Normal


QUESTIONS are being raised within and outside the police force on the whereabouts of the K1.5 million released by the Government last month for police operations to recapture the 12 dangerous criminals who escaped from Bomana prison’s  maximum security facility on Jan 12.
Despite this, National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop yesterday announced that City Hall was finalising paperwork to allocate between K300,000 and K400,000 to help in police operations.
Mr Parkop, in commending the hard working police officers engaged in the successful operations thus far under the command of NCD Central Police chief Awan Sete and NCD metropolitan commander Supt Fred Yakasa, told The National that he could not confirm the actual amount that was allocated by City Hall to police yesterday.
NCD police have so far recaptured seven dangerous criminals from the Jan 12 escape, with the two latest captures earlier this week.
Mr Parkop said: “This was a job well done and proved that police officers were shaping up to discharge their duties more effectively.”
“I would also like to encourage the community to keep supporting the work of police and not assist the criminals as they were not good role models for society,” he said.
He called on the remaining five escapees to surrender and to serve their time so that they become good citizens while they were in prison.
“The PNG justice system allows for pardon and parole which you can apply for once you are halfway into of serving your term,” he reminded the fugitives.