K1.5m to hunt down Kapris, 12 others used up: Baki

National, Normal

POLICE Commissioner Gari Baki said the K1.5 million approved by the Government for special police operations to capture the Jan 12 Bomana maximum security facility escapees has been depleted.
“All funds have been used up on related operational costs not only for the manhunt, but also other police work nationwide,” he said.
He said this on Tuesday amid concerns on the whereabouts of the funds.
Mr Baki said the acquisition of operational assets, including vehicles for police operations, and even funeral expenses for a number of police personnel, had depleted the funds.
He could not say if police would be requesting additional funds from the Government.
Police have recaptured seven, including bank robbery suspect William Nanua Kapris, out of the 12 dangerous criminals who walked out of Bomana prison.
Five are still at large.
Mr Baki said police were also being pressured by informers, claiming to have given tip-offs for the recapture of Kapris, to explain when they would be paid the K10,000 bounty.
Mr Baki told The National: “Police have a procedure to follow in paying out rewards. It can only be made after investigations have been completed and a final conviction is secured.
“I will also have to verify further details with the National Capital District and Central Assistant Police Commissioner Awan Sete and other senior police officials for their briefs before I can advise the public further.”
On Monday, police reminded that it was a constitutional duty for citizens to report any criminal activities they know and provide the necessary information related to crime without making monetary demands.
It is understood that informers assisting police with tip-offs, particularly on dangerous criminals from the Jan 12 breakout, have been demanding “cash or kind” in exchange for information they gave.
Such demands were slowing down the progress of police operations and investigations into major crimes.