K10mil to Sepiks a joke

Letters, Normal

IT was interesting to note over EMTV news last Sunday that SHP Governor Anderson Agiru announced a pledge of K10 million to build a hospital for the cholera stricken areas of Angoram in East Sepik.
While it can be applauded as a noble gesture, it would also be appropriate to ask if the governor has thought about cleaning his own backyard first before sharing his “richness”.
Although oil has been flowing from SHP for the past 20 years or so, there is really nothing to show apart from the Agiru Centre in Mendi.
The people of SHP and Hela are suffering from the lack of infrastructure, basic services and law and order problems.
I can personally attest to the sufferings of the people because I have travelled the Mendi to Tari section of the Highlands Highway and it is a traveller’s nightmare, thanks to the potholes and constant armed hold-ups and harassment by frustrated Southern Highlanders living along the highway.
It has also been reported that Mr Agiru has handed over his post to his deputy and he is going places looking for money. How absurd can one be – on the one hand we dish out money and the other we are looking for money.