K1m boost for Karimui road

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday, May 25, 2011

EFFORTS to build a highway between Chimbu’s remote Karimui district and Kundiawa town have been boosted by a million kina.
Karimui-Nomane MP Posi Menai presented a K1 million cheque to Oasis Enterprise Ltd  managing director Cami­lius Dagima in Karimui during a payment of K500,000 in labour payment for bush clearance and initial diggings.
Oasis Enterprise was contracted to build the road from Karimui station to cross the Waghi River and connect to the nearest road link in Gumine district.
Menai’s presentation highlighted the payment to more than 16,700 people who cleared bushes and dug the pathways for the road to be constructed.
“We are now on course to create history for the Karimui people by connecting a road to them,” Menai said.
“Everyone who contributed, including Oasis Enterprise Ltd, is in one team to make a difference and be an agent of change for Karimui.”
He thanked Dagima and his team of engineers who completed the scoping and technical designs of the road and had started building the road.
Menai said in order for the dream to connect remote Karimui to the rest of the world with a decent road, there had to be a start somewhere.
“This is the start.
“I commend Dagima and his company for making the start and I support that with K1 million counterpart funding,” he said.
Oasis Enterprise Ltd won half of the K20 million contract to build the road while another local company, Sky Development Corporation, won the other half.
Sky Corporation is building the road from Gumine section to Karimui.
Dagima thanked  Menai for the K1 million, saying he needed the money to fly heavy equipment, dump trucks, diesel and support vehicles into Karimui to build the road.
He said equipment was ready to be transported by air into Karimui where work would continue to Waghi River from the district administration building.
“I have a dream to see Karimui connected by road one day.
“I am committed to build the road but the money provided by the government is insufficient as the bridge across the Waghi River will cost a lot of money,” he said.
Dagima thanked the 16,657 people who helped to clear the bushes and dig up path ways for the road to be built.
From estimation, the whole project could cost up to K150 million.
Oasis Enterprise has bravely put its hands up to take the challenge to build the road.
Menai and Dagima agreed to connect a separate link between Negabo and Karimui station before the end of the year, while waiting for the bridge to be built.