K1mil payment to authority

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AFTER 11 years of waiting, the four PNG LNG impact villages of Papa, Lealea, Boera and Porebada received good news with a presentation of K1 million cheque payment to the Hiri special purposes authority (SPA) by Central Governor Robert Agarobe on Tuesday.
The presentation marked another significant milestone and Agarobe said under the Kokopo umbrella benefit sharing agreement (UBSA) forum, all parties agreed that affected provincial governments and local level governments were entitled to the development levies payable by the PNG LNG project in the country.
He said as a result of a good working partnership between the Central government and Hiri SPA, they agreed to the payment of K2 million, of which, K1 million was paid this week.
Agarobe said outstanding payments would be settled and paid in the near future to the Hiri local level government and SPA.
Hiri LLG president Haoda Rogea thanked the provincial government and Governor Agarobe for the payment to Hiri SPA.

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  • Another opportunity for the Authorities to be wealthy. Hiri LLG President dont buy more vehicles for your Councillors, make sure you appropriate the funds usefully and for purpose of benefits which are genuine

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