K60 million TFF fees to be paid next year


EDUCATION Minister Nick Kuman says the final payment of K60 million in tuition fee-free funds will be paid to school next year.
“There was a balance of K60 million. We got some money in the account but we won’t pay. We will hold on to the money and allow schools to close on Friday,” he said.
“This money will be available as soon as they start school next. I did that last year for this year. And I’m going to do that this year for next year, because the schools will be closed.
“They won’t need it run to run operations. It might go to the wrong hands if we give now. It will be in the central bank account.
“It will be quarantined until the schools open next year the money will be available and they can pay all the outstanding bills incurred in the last three months.”
Kuman said the TFF was the only education fund managed at the national level. Other funds are disbursed to provinces to manage.
In September, Secretary Dr Uke Kombra said Government had budgeted more than K600 million for this year’s TFF.
“In 2017 we got a budget of K602 million so at the end of term two, we disbursed close to K300 million. Every term we are disbursing K150 million.”