K60,000 allocated to maintain Nawaeb roads

National, Normal

The National – Wednesday, June 29, 2011

THE Nawaeb district joint budget planning committee has allocated K60,000 to carry out urgent road maintenance within the electorate.
Forest Minister and Nawaeb MP Timothy Bonga, as chairman of the Nawaeb JDBP, said the funds were released to contractors last week to carry out immediate road maintenance.
He said many sections of roads in the three local level government council areas of Labuta, Wain-Erap and Nabak needed urgent work.
Bonga said those roads had been affected by the continuous rain experienced in the district over the past three months.
“The road upgrade work was awarded to four local contractors – Besbu (Boana Road), Tusop (Kasuka-Tinibi) Erap, Su-un (Nabak Road) and Massang (Bukawa Road).
Bonga said the money was part of the K240,000 committed by the JDBP for road maintenance work under the district rural road programme.
“The JDBP has passed a budget of K300,000 for the up-grade of Phoam-Wagan road in Labuta LLG.
“The money is to carry out road work maintenance in preparation for the construction of the new Buso Bridge,” he said.
“I must remind critics and intending candidates that nothing comes easily in the space of five years. I was able to
pull all the projects together in terms of the Lae road rehabilitation,” Bonga said.
“The NA government has already committed K200 million towards Lae road rehabilitation and will give K100 million in its supplementary budget.”
He voiced concern over poor maintenance of the city’s feeder road by the Lae City Urban Council.
He said the government had made commitments for major roadworks but the council had failed to maintain feeder roads.
“Nearly all feeder roads linking major suburbs and settlements are deteriorated and the council has failed to fix them,” Bonga said.