Kabwum MP applauds leadership display by acting prime minister

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The National – Thursday, December 16, 2010

UNITED Party leader and Defence Minister Bob Dadae has congratulated Wabag MP Sam Abal for his elevation to deputy prime minister and appointment as acting prime minister.
He said Abal was the best person for the job.
Dadae, who is Kabwum MP, said the acting prime minister had demonstrated strong leadership and, with his long political experience and former job as foreign minister, was well versed with international and national issues.
He also paid tribute to former deputy prime minister Don Polye, adding that the member for Kandep, who had always stood by the government, had done well for PNG.
Dadae said decisions over cabinet appointments were the prerogative of the prime minister and, with Polye given the foreign affairs ministry, was indicative of his standing as a senior member of the coalition government.
He said the prime minister’s decision to step aside was proper to allow for justice to prevail.
“I commend Sir Michael Somare for his action.”
Speaking in Lae yesterday, Dadae also called on the opposition to forget its push for a vote of no-confidence and act more responsibly.