Kabwum people set up welfare association

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THE Kabwum people in Morobe province have set up their own welfare association.
They said they had been exploited and manipulated “for too long”.
The people of the district’s four LLGs of Komba, Selepet, Yus and Deyamos, said at a meeting at Bumayong on Sunday that the new association would push for socio-economic development.
Kabwum MP and Defence Minister Bob Dadae said: “We have to know the purpose of the association and be acquainted with it to drive socio-economic change to our villages.
“We have to set a foundation and build relationships with the provincial government, the Ahi leaders and other developmental agents to drive those changes into our areas.
“Those goals can be achieved if KWA is free from politics and everybody works collectively as a team.
“KWA has to become an independent body and responsible for Kabwum people’s welfare alone.”
He added that the country’s progress was being punctuated by “too much social disorder”.
“I urge Kabwums not to involve themselves in unnecessary ethnic problems sprouting in the city,” Mr Dadae said.