Kagua-Erave launches football nursery project


Kagua-Erave district in Southern Highlands has launched a football nursery project targeting five to 15-year-olds.
Local MP and Vice-Minister for Sports Wesley Raminai launched the project at the Sir John Guise Stadium on Tuesday together with some of his district administration members and Kagua-Erave people living in Port Moresby.
Raminai said setting up a football nursery project was his long-term dream which would enable the children attending primary and elementary schools to acquire basic soccer skills in their early age.
“Today I am pleased to announce that my dream is on the path to reality,” Raminai said at the launching.
Raminai, who is passionate about soccer in PNG, was excited to introduce the concept as a pilot project in his electorate.
He said he was bringing the project as the MP and not sports vice-minister and the project would be driven using the district services improvement programme funds.
He also said the project would start in April.
Raminai had assigned Peta Ltd, a local organisation specialised in training and coaching in soccer in the country to run the project.
The Oceania Football Confederation had authorised Peta Ltd as football coaching and training educators. Peta operations manager Taku Neibo commended Raminai for coming up with a brilliant idea to develop young people at their early age and feed them with the basics of football.
Neibo said as a player once and a committee member of Port Moresby Soccer Association, he saw that there was great need to develop players at an early age and Raminai was doing something commendable.