Kagua tribes must resolve issues now

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday October 23rd, 2013

 COMMUNITY leaders of Kagua should not put pressure on local leaders and the government to spend taxpayers’ money to combat tribal fighting. 

The leaders, MPs of the province and the government are there to plan important issues and develop this nation. 

We are not in the 1940s when tribal fights were common and using guns to kill other tribesmen must become a thing of the past.

After 38 years of independence, the people’s attitude must change and the tribes of Kagua must adapt to live in peace and harmony. 

It would be costly for the government to intervene when that money could be spent on infrastructure, education and health. 

The onus is on the warring tribes to settle things and end what they started. 

Please resolve this through the Melanesian way as our ancestors and forefathers did.


Phase out tribal fights

Port Moresby