Kalibobo Vision 2020 inappropriate name

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday 14th of March, 2014

THE title “Kalibobo Vision 2020” does not dsound or sit well.
The best title would be “Madang provincial government strategic plan – Vision 2020”.
Vision 2020 needs the people’s view through consultation and survey conducted throughout the province and the people need to be aware of that public  document  when  it is launched.
We do not need K100,000 to put together Vision 2020, but productive information of issues of major concern affecting the people in the province.
Pubic consultations as well as surveys should be conducted, involving people of all walks of life, including children and students within the province so that this vision will transform their mindsets when the plan is implemented before we reach year 2020.
Vision 2020 must become a dream for every individual who lives in the province.
It must be formulated and based on the dreams and aspirations of people living in Madang, who yearn to live in a province where everyone is given a fair go in life.
The silent majority in the province needs strategic planning within the departments, better service delivery and improved governance,  just  to  name a few.
These things must be implemented to set the base for growth within the 2012-2017 period and set the foundation for the remaining years of Vision 2020.

Wawen Wiyaii
Via email