Kandiu thanks supporters, vows to continue to give help

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The National, Wednesday 04th September 2012

NATIONAL Capital District election candidate Michael Kandiu has thanked all those who voted for him.
Kandiu said he contested on behalf of the marginalised majority even though he did not win.
“All in all, I stood for the silent majority, who are underprivileged to give hope in their lives, and professional working class citizens who want real change in our city development in terms of infrastructure,” he said.
He pledged to all disadvantaged people to stay with him and he would try to help them through the NCD Grassroots Network Foundation Inc that he established.
“I made a commitment and the outcome of the election will not hinder the initiatives that I established to help you and I will continue on from where we left,” he said.
Kandiu said due to pressing commitments, he did not have the time to say thanks to his many faithful supporters earlier.
 “I still feel that we have won in some ways in the manner that you all disadvantaged people out there put your hand up to support me during the election.
“And I promise that I will keep to my words and help you in some ways I can,” he said.
He pledged to fight for what was right for marginalised people.