Kapavore vows to appoint public office holders on merit

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Public Service Minister and ministerial executive appointment committee (MEAC) chairman Elias Kapavore says he will not entertain political influence in the appointment of public office holders.
“I will ensure that the MEAC process continues to make both our political and administrative heads jointly accountable for service delivery,” he said.
Kapavore presented his ministerial statement on public sector achievements under the Alotau Accord 1 and new initiatives by the public service ministry over the next five yearsto full fill the Alotau Accord 2 resolutions.
Kapavore said merit-based executive appointments to promote accountability were part of his 19 pledges to improve public service performances.
“The new processes under the control of the MEAC which I chair are based on properly analysed, fit and proper person criteria which are also performed-based,” he said.
“Each minister has a direct say in the selection of a preferred candidate and the provincial executive councils are able to select their preferred candidate for appointment by the head of state on advice.
“Since the removal of the Public Service Commission from the executive appointment process and the inclusion of the MEAC process in October 2014, by utilising the merit-based selection criteria, a total of 70 appointments have been made. This includes 16 departmental heads, 14 provincial administrators  and 40 chief executive officers of statutory bodies.”
Kapavore said that “MEAC has since the 2015 budget year promoted the government’s performance-management contracts.