Kaupa defection seen as bad sign


THE member-elect for Port Moresby North East, John Kaupa, said that he defected from the PNG National Party to the People’s National Congress party because he wanted to follow Governor Powes Parkop and Moresby South’s Justin Tkatchenko to bring development to his electorate.
Kaupa wants to follow others because he probably lacks the confidence to develop policies and innovation on his own.
By abandoning the party that endorsed him and the people who voted for him because of his association with the PNG National Party, Kaupa is showing a lack leadership, principles and integrity.
He is showing that he is only a follower, not a leader.
No matter how much he tries to develop the electorate he will not succeed because he lacks the leadership, the knowledge and the skills to achieve his goals, and then he will be voted out in the next election – just like his predecessor.

PMNE voter