Kauvu gets leadership nod for Messengers

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The National, Friday August 2nd, 2013

 THE Pacific Business Review Messengers team in the NGCB sponsored Media Pool competition has named one of its female players as captain.

Team members anonymously voted Aoare Kauvu to lead the Messengers in this year’s competition that is held on Saturdays at the Lamana Gold Club.

Known as “Ash”, Aoare will lead  14 players in the tough pool contest that has eight more weeks remaining before the finals.

Aoare in accepting her appointment said it would be a challenge but was confident that with the support of her colleagues, she should lead Messengers to a successful season.

“I’m honoured and am looking forward to the challenges ahead,” Aoare said.

Messengers senior team member Lapan Mirupasi said Ash’s appointment could be seen as a notable accomplishment to promote gender equality in the pool challenge. 

“I think we are the first team to appointment a female as team captain and I’m pleased,” Mirupasi said.

“Although we are a new team in the competition, we have done good so far and hope to improve in our remaining games. 

“Our aim is to finish in the top 14 of the competition.”

Vice captain Tom Kawiya said: “I am very pleased with her appointment after I’ve being acting as the interim captain for the past games.”

“We both played for CS1 Media Productions in last year’s Media Pool Competition. 

“With that experience, she should lead the team well with assistance from players such as myself and other seasoned players like Lapan Mirupasi,” Kawiya said.

Chairman of the Media Pool competition Collin Taimbari welcome the move taken by PBR Messengers.

“I’m thrilled of the decision taken by PBR Messengers. 

“It comes to display that women are active participants of this challenge,” Taimbari said.

“In acknowledging this notable occasion, I challenge all participating members and followers to respect and encourage all women taking part in the NCD Pool competition.