Kavo on a mission to weed out graft in Gulf administration

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CORRUPTION, nepotism and other forms of abuse has been rampant and protracted in the Gulf Province public service.
Governor Havila Kavo said  he  was embarking on mission to weed out these issues.
His vision is to bring change to the province that has seen little or no development since 1975, some of it owed to the corruption that has been rampant. 
“I am making and have made it my business to clean out the public service of all kinds of abuse, including theft, misuse and misappropriation of funds,” he asserted.
Mr Kavo was prompted to disclose his intentions after recent media reports accused him of having a hand in the dire state of the public service using political pressure.
The concern was raised by Public Employees Association president Michael Malabag and his head of the Gulf branch Elape Lovate.
He refuted these concerns and said they were protracted and the result of poor administration and management by previous office holders, including politicians. 
“These problems have been simmering for many years and there are no quick solutions but we have to start somewhere,” he said.
His response was that these claims were politically inspired and were baseless.  
To make his point, he said there was a division within the Gulf  public service that was staffed by relatives of a suspended senior officer.