Keep cultures alive: Kulang

The National,Wednesday June 29th, 2016

TOURISM, Arts and Culture Minister Tobias Kulang launched a new cultural centre and showground in Jiwaka on Saturday.
Kulang and his officers were accompanied by Andrew Moutu, the director of National Museum, and Casper Damien, the executive director of the National Cultural Commission, to Bulunts village in North Waghi.
Kulang, while launching the Geru Peng (cultural practice) and Meere Taka Showground, stressed that culture defined PNG life, gave PNG a national identity and shaped PNG’s future.
“First and foremost, we must institutionalise our culture by creating our own archives, write about our history and keep it in the archives for our children to know and practice,” he said.
“We can only celebrate our culture if we institutionalise and know that we have done all we can to preserve it.
“The commercialisation part comes later. If we think about using our culture for money, then we will kill our identity and future.”
He commended the community led by Peter Gelu, provincial administrator Michael Wandil, statesman Philip Kapal, elders from surrounding communities and cultural groups for taking their initiative to establish a new cultural centre for the people of Jiwaka.
“What you are doing here complements the vision of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture,” Kulang said.
“The ministry and the State recognise what you are doing and will work with you to develop it to be the envy of the Highlands region.”
Kulang urged leaders to work with the provincial government to develop the showground and create an archive centre.