Keep up the good work, Alphonse


The National

I WOULD like to congratulate Andrew Al­phonse for winning the “the regional reporter of the year” award.
He travels around the remote parts of the Highlands region, especially Southern Highlands, Wes­tern Highlands and Enga to get stories where there are no computers, emails, telephone services.
Despite the rugged terrains, he loves his profession and he travels to places like Mt Bosavi and Hawinda in Lake Kopiago, Moran and Juha in Ko­mo-Margarima, Kutubu, Kandep and Minj.
This young and energetic newsman writes stories of these places regarding socio-economic, tribal fights, deteriorating government services so that those of us living in urban areas know what is happening in these places.
I commend him for winning the award and encourage him to continue his marvelous job. – Job Sana nai, Lae