Kia to lead clubs

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The National,Wednesday 17th April, 2013

 ARO Kia has been given an award in recognition of her leadership role in developing Toastmasters in Papua New Guinea.

She received the award at the northern division conference held in Townsville, Australia on March 16.

District 69 governor Charlie Starrett recognised Kia of Westpac Vaigana Toastmasters club as an outstanding Toastmaster and presented her with a pin.

Aro, who joined Westpac Vaigana Toastmasters Club in September 2011, accepted the challenge of becoming the inaugural Area 38 governor from July last year.

She is responsible for overseeing PNG’s four Toastmasters clubs: Westpac Vaigana, Westpac Niugini, KK Kingston (Lae) and Komuniti. 

Commenting on her award, Westpac PNG managing director Ashleigh Matheson said: “Toastmasters is a highly effective programme that puts public speaking skills to good use. 

“As one of the active members of the Westpac Vaigana Toastmasters club, Aro has learned the importance of teamwork and delegation. 

“It has developed her self-confidence and her ability to communicate clearly and effectively within the Westpac team.

“Being able to communicate effectively is an important part of any successful strategy anywhere.”

Aro said Toastmasters had helped her improve her communication and leadership skills during club meetings.

“We’re both teachers and students, and we learn from one another,” she said. 

“We’re a group of like-minded people striving for self-improvement in a safe and encouraging environment.”

Aro encourages people to join a Toastmasters Club to improve their leadership skills, learn to organise their thoughts and present them clearly, and gain practice in thinking and responding confidently, all in a friendly team environment.