Kila focused on World Cup


ALL-ROUNDER Jason Kila has been with the national men’s cricket team for a decade as he looks to make the most of their maiden Twenty-20 World Cup appearance.
“It has been helping me to stay disciplined, and I’ve grown,” the Kumul Petroleum Papua New Guinea Barramundi said.
“Cricket has taught me how to be professional off the field too.”
Like his teammates, family played a big part in the sport.
As a boy growing up in Central’s Hula village, he always watched his uncle Vavine Pala’s cricket games.
Vavine, one of PNG’s pioneer cricketers, featured in the first International Cricket Council Trophy tournament in 1979.
He is the inspiration behind Kila’s love of the sport, eventually joining his local club.
Fast forward to 2021, he will represent the country in the Men’s Twenty-20 World Cup. The ambitious 31-year-old said all he was looking forward to now was competing on the biggest stage.
“We’ve trained for two years and I’m just looking forward to playing the game,” Kila said.
“It’s going to be tough but we will play our best cricket.”
He said it was also a great opportunity to learn from other countries, especially from cricket’s big names.
Sticking to his pre-game routine, Kila said he always made sure his body got the rest it needed.
“I sleep early and rest my body; I must have enough rest before I play,” he said.
Jokingly, Kila said he couldn’t remember all the places cricket had taken him, but warmly recalled their tour of Dubai.
“It brings back good memories,” he said.
“It was there that we qualified for the World Cup, so I want to visit Dubai again.”