Killer shot dead

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The Buimo jail in Lae.

CONVICTED killer David Naya, 25, who had escaped from custody twice was shot dead in his third attempt to flee during a mass prison breakout on Sunday.
A prison warden was also killed in the incident and Papua New Guinea (PNG) Correctional Service (CS) wardens and officers, police and Igam’s PNG Defence Force have mounted a manhunt for 16 fugitives.
Lae Met Supt Chief Insp Chris Kunyanban said the men on the run are:

  • CARL Arua Benny, 31, Central-Chimbu lives at Papua Compound (wilful murder);
  • DOUGLAS John Kauke, 20, Bombar-Mumeng, lives at Madang Compound (rape);
  • JAYSON Jawe Nogoti, 29, Rambau in Chuave, Chimbu, lives at Salamanda (armed robbery);
  • NENRY Moses Laiko, Mei, Kerema, lives at West Taraka (armed robbery);
  • JERRY Peter Tati, 31, Kalasa in Sialum, Tewae-Siassi, lives at Papua Compound (armed robbery);
  • ISSAC Kumewo, 25, Yunzaing, Finschhafen, lives at As Mambu, Back Road, (armed robbery);
  • JAMES Philip, 23, Aguwe, Yangoru, ESP, lives at Papua Compound (possession of weapon);
  • DIDIMAS Agogo, 26, Nakaiya, Garaina, Bulolo (armed robbery);
  • ERICK Hoseah, 26, Simbang, Finschhafen (armed robbery);
  • STANLEY Edward, 25, Terepaiya, Komo, SHP, lives at Busu Mountain (possession of weapon);
  • VINCENT Tivilari, 26, Aika, Sohe, Northern, lives at Papua Compound (armed robbery);
  • THOMAS Saw Panda, 22, Sakarang, Nawae (murder);
  • GEDION Honguru, 19, Buingim, Labuta, Nawaeb, lives at Kaisa, Bumayong, (possession of ammunition);
  • LUTHER Ronu, 29, Uruo, Finschhafen, lives at Falcon Street, Cassowary Road (armed robbery);
  • MATO Ati, 30, Finschhafen, lives at LBM, Busu (possession of weapon); and
  • YATA Asio, adult male from Maiama, Morobe patrol post (sea piracy).

He said the prisoners were in the reception area during visitation hours at about 10am with relatives when they fled. Police and CS officers have yet to release details how the warden was killed during the breakout.
The warden was among 12 probationary CS wardens posted to Buimo two years ago.
Chief Insp Kunyanban said: “We are working round the clock to hunt down the fugitives comprising of 15 convicts and one remandee. We are also searching suspected hideouts of the fugitives.”
Naya a.k.a ‘Flethet’ was jailed 35 years with hard labour last year for the murder of Angau Memorial Hospital’s Dr Alphonse Rongap.
Naya first escaped while waiting for his trial in 2017 and was recaptured in Wewak after a botched armed robbery. He was hospitalised and escaped again on Dec 25, 2018, and was recaptured in Wewak wharf and transferred to Lae.
The Lae National Court convicted Naya last year for Dr Rongap’s murder.
Among the fugitives are two murderers – Panda serving life imprisonment and Benny serving 45 years.
Northern-end Asst Comm Peter Guinness appealed to Lae people and business communities in Morobe and the region to be more vigilant with the desperate men on the run.
He advised people that if they noticed any suspicious looking people to call the police toll free number 70903300.


  • For next 5 to 10 years time,the number of criminals will increase depending on the population growth, Government should be creative and do something. Not that only but other areas as well.
    Population increase every year and Government should work according to the growth of the population. Increasing schools,Hospitals,towns and cities.If our members still sleeping and can’t wake up.How can we improve?Members of the parliament, think further,do not sit there doing nothing wasting time.Enough of this and really tired of this.

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