Killers on the run arrested in Gerehu

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TWO killers, who broke out of Bomana prison with 52 others last year, were recaptured by police in Gerehu, Port Moresby, on Saturday.
One of them was convicted for killing businessman Sir George Constantinou in December 2008 and the other for murdering a young New Ireland pilot at Two-Mile Hill in Port Moresby in 1998.
Joe Auki was picked up in a 4am raid at a house in the Tete settlement following a tip-off.
Auki was shot in the leg when he tried to flee.
He was treated in Gerehu clinic before police took him into custody.
Auki from Maina village, Tapini in Goilala district, Central province, was jailed in Bomana for killing Sir George by using a stone to hit his head during a robbery outside the same settlement.
The other fugitive picked up was Peter Kaupa from Amia village Gumine in Simbu province.
Kaupa was picked up in Keasu settlement at about 5.30am when police raided a house, also following a tip-off.
Kaupa was serving time for the killing of the pilot.
He was on the run with rapist John Siko Wel, who was caught last Thursday.
Kaupa had managed to give the police the slip when police moved in on Siko Wel.
Meanwhile, police have clarified that the other Bomana prison escapee Joe Kawa who was apprehended last Sunday in Tete settlement was convicted for life in 2007 by the National Court for the killing of a Kerema man and raping his wife and two daughters in July 2003 in the same settlement.
Kawa was not involved in the killing of the late Sir George.