Killings mark bleak start to New Year

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The National, Tuesday 3rd January 2012

THREE women were hacked to death while a 12-year-old girl was raped, killed and buried – in a bleak start to the New Year, police say.
Nationwide they reported a total of horrific nine deaths
In Manus, an adult and two children under five died in a banana boat accident on New Year’s Eve.
In addition, police said there were two killings in Lae while a student was raped in Central on Christmas Day.
The four women from Eastern Highlands were killed by a fellow tribesman who had been upset over a long-standing land dispute outside Goroka town.
Eastern Highlands provincial police commander Supt Augustine Wampe said the man from Jotu Village, in the Kama area outside Goroka, got drunk before taking a bush knife and chopping to death the three women.
Wampe said the suspect had allegedly been aggrieved by an on-going land dispute and approached 17-year-old Emma Tura and asked for her father.
But the man allegedly did not wait for an answer, swung the bush knife, hitting Tura on her left ear.
Tura fell to the ground and died almost instantly.
Wampe said two other women, Okene Tura and Ina Blackie, who had been inside their house, ran out to find out what was happening.
Wampe said the suspect again swung bush knife at them, chopping Okene Tura on her right shoulder, left ear and on the back of her head, causing her to fall and die.
“The suspect then attacked the third female, Ina Blackie, chopping her on her head and waist, she fell unconscious to the ground and was rushed to the Goroka Base Hospital but died the next morning,” Wampe said.
He said the suspect ran from Kama to the Goroka police station still armed with the bush knife and surrendered to police.