Kimas rewarded for 40 years of service

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LANDS and Physical Planning secretary Pepi Steven Kimas has been recognised for his 40 years of service to the department and the Government by Deputy Prime Minister Sir Puka Temu.
At the presentation Sir Puka congratulated and commended Mr Kimas on behalf of the Government for his services and achievements with the Lands Department.
“Our Prime Minister has recently celebrated 40 years in politics and now we are gathered here to celebrate another PNG son’s services over these years.
“As the Deputy PM, I would also like to commend all public servants just like Mr Kimas who have dedicated their lives to maintain an upbeat flow of the economy in these challenging times, that is why political leadership continues to call for an efficient public service,” Sir Puka said.
He called on all levels of bureaucracy to rise up and move together with political leadership to focus on a new culture and mindset of professionalism. 
“We need dedicated Papua New Guineans in the public service, private sector, political arena and the communities at large to work together to make a miracle of social change within the vision 2050 that the Government has set,” Sir Puka said.
Mr Kimas, while accepting his reward, was speechless for a few minutes because he was so overwhelmed by the occasion.
“I am so honoured and humbled by the comments made by Sir Puka because I feel as though within the 40 years, I still haven’t done enough,” he said.
Sir Puka said just as he had been the longest serving Minister for Lands and Physical Planning, Mr Kimas was also the longest serving secretary with the department, holding his job since 2002.
Mr Kimas started work with the department in 1970 and had been appointed to various positions from provincial to regional operations around the nation, and to the top management.
He was made secretary in 2002.