Kiwis want to give farming a boost


TECHNICAL partnership in agriculture is an area that New Zealand companies are keen to engag in with Papua New Guinea businesses.
This interest is not on competing with emerging domestic industries, but finding ways to boost the sector for mutual benefit, says New Zealand-PNG Business Council chairman Murray McCully.
He said this was the aim for a trade mission made up of more than 10 large company executives in the country for a week to link up with businesses in PNG.
“The New Zealand end of the of the Business Council has been quiet for the last few years,” McCully said.
“This is the first mission we have had here in about three years.
“We have taken the view that there is opportunity ahead and there is going to be an upswing in the economic cycle ahead of us.”
McCully expects New Zealand businesses that get involved in PNG now to get rewarded in the short to medium term.
He aims to build stronger commercial links between the two countries.
“A number of (PNG) ministers who have visited New Zealand have made it clear that they think you should move past the extractive industries here into agriculture and horticulture,” McCully said.
“These are areas in which New Zealand has skills to contribute in both the public and private sectors.
“One of my tasks is that we meet the expectations that they have.
“I think our interests are entirely complementary and not competitive.
“That is the view your ministers have as well. We can see opportunities for some of our companies to become directly involved in partnership here. You have got a great climate, excellent, fertile soil. There is greater opportunity to work and benefit together rather than being in competition with each other.”

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