Know the facts, get vaccinated


THE internet is one of the important tools to access quick and large amounts of information at our fingertips.
But the internet carries a lot of misinformation, half-truths and a lot of rubbish as well.
Thank you to our doctors for emphasising the point of “you do not get accurate information regarding Coronavirus (Covid-19) and its strains on the internet”.
The Covid-19 and its strains enter your lungs, multiplies rapidly and your body’s immune system reacts against the foreign virus and floods your lungs with liquid in an attempt to eradicate the virus and in the process, no oxygen is delivered to the vital organs of the body and you die.
Basically, you drown.
It is simple to understand the basic workings of the Covid-19 and its strains.
It is not rocket science or nuclear fusion.
The people who are scaring you with misinformation will not save you from your sick bed or resurrect you from the cemetery.
Please get vaccinated.

Luimack Johnson