Koensong threathens to walk out

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THE chief executive officer of Tari General hospital Dr Bravy Koensong has threatened to quit if the provincial and national Government do not provide him with funds to run the hospital.
The threat came days after the international medical team the Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) or Doctors Without Borders left Tari for Port Moresby following a spate of recent attacks on them, their patients and properties.
The hospital needs about K5 million a year for its operational costs including paying of security services, Dr Koensong said.
Since his appointment last year, Dr Koensong has worked hard to improve the medical services provided at the hospital and as a result the hospital has now been elevated and declared a “general” hospital.
Once there were hardly any doctors working there. Now there are five national doctors and three from MSF serving in Tari.
The 30 bed hospital has now increased to 90 beds.
He is currently in Port Moresby looking for money from the national and provincial governments and if nothing positive transpires, he is willing to tender his resignation as the CEO of the hospital by the end of this month.
“I want to work and continue to build and improve services at Tari hospital.
“However, if I do not get any assistance and money to run the hospital, I will simply resign by the end of this month,” Dr Koensong said.
He said Mendi and Mt Hagen general hospitals receive K15 million annually to run their operations and services and it was unfair when Tari receives no such assistance despite providing the same kind of medical services.