Kokopo community surrenders homebrew tools

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The National, Wednesday 17th April 2013


THE community of Bitagalip in the Kokopo district, East New Britain, surrendered homebrew equipment to police last Friday.

Provincial police commander Supt Anthony Wagambie Jr, who attended the occasion, said the surrender was arranged by the ward councillor with the assistance of community leaders.

He said at least 15 people were involved in the illegal activity, including both men and women. 

The fines were paid in Tabu (traditional Tolai money), which was stipulated under the community by-laws and sanctioned by the Bitagalip community to maintain peace and harmony.

Wagambie told the people that respect in the community was vital for to their daily lives. 

“It is also important that leaders and the community take ownership of law and order issues.”

He said leaders at the ward level should create initiatives for their people and they must earn the respect from their people through creating activities.

Wagambie commended the ward councillor for creating opportunities by engaging people, especially youths, in cocoa development and other activities.

“With such activities youths are kept busy with; this plays a vital part in minimising criminal activities,” Wagambie said.

People implicated in the illegal activity apologised to their community and promised not to do it 


He added that Kokopo police started special operations over the weekend under the supervision of Kokopo police station commander.

He has involved his members from prosecutions, traffic and administration, supported by the Kokopo Response Unit and a mobile squad unit from Tomaringa.

Random roadblocks, vehicle checks, foot beat patrols and motorist patrols were conducted. 

Wagambie said that Kokopo town was very quiet last weekend with no major incidents. 

“This operation will be on going to curb drink driving, consuming alcohol in moving vehicles and drinking in public places,” he said.

“Such operation will be conducted in Rabaul and Gazelle areas soon.”

However, Wagambie said it would depend on the availability of fuel and he would be seeking assistance from district administrators.