Kramer, four other MPs served with contempt application to appear in court


Madang MP Bryan Kramer, who was served a contempt application in relation to the prime minister’s arrest warrant, appeared in the Supreme Court for directions on Friday.
Kramer appeared before Justice Stephen Kassman and sought an adjournment for further directions with regards to his contempt application filed by O’Neill on Aug 16.
He asked the court for two weeks to give him time to give instructions to his lawyers who could address the court promptly.
Eight charges relate to Kramer’s internet article discussing a Supreme Court appeal filed by O’Neill and a stay order. The article discussed the merits of the appeal and the arrest warrant.  Such an article was posted on Kramer’s Facebook pages and he allegedly cross-posted it on various public discussion sites.
They also relate to an alleged inciting by Kramer of comments then posted as a result of his article and Kramer’s alleged failure to remove any comments which were subjudice to the Supreme Court and  intended to deter the prime minister from availing himself of his constitutional rights to have his matters determined by a court of law.
Kramer was among four other opposition members of the parliament, Kerenga Kua, Sir Mekere Morauta, Patrick Pruaitch and Belden Namah who were served with the contempt proceedings by Twivey Lawyers representing O’Neill.
Other MPs served with contempt application were represented by lawyer Justine Wohuinangu from Fairfax Legal Group and Namah was also represented by a lawyer.
The substantive appeal including the contempt application will return to court for directions on Sept 4.