Kumbakor hosts feast for late son

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A MINISTER in government has reiterated his call for the need to have the Poreporena Freeway in NCD redesigned, descri-bing it as a “death trap”.
Housing Minister and Nuku MP Andrew Kumbakor was speaking on the eve of preparations to dismantle a mourning house that was set up following the tragic death of his son, Roy Malakai Kumbakor, in a motor vehicle accident along the freeway on Sept 9.
According to reports, the 13-year-old was in a sedan with four others, heading back from town after a basketball training session, when the driver lost control and shot off the highway at Hohola.
Malakai was thrown out of the car and died from the injuries he sustained.
The minister said a lot of deaths along the freeway over the years could have been prevented if safety had been considered during construction, citing lack of control of speed and proper policing to deter dangerous drivers.
Speaking on behalf of the family yesterday, James Yalya said a gathering to end the mourning period would take place tomorrow at the National Housing Corporation headquarters at Tokarara.
A feast has been organised with 150 pigs and two cows being slaughtered. In addition, 20 chickens and 300 cartons of soft drinks would form part of the feast.
Yalya said the prime minister and his deputy, government ministers and members of parliament had all assisted and comforted the family during their time of sorrow.
He also acknowledged government departmental heads, the business community and various individuals who had assisted in cash and kind.
“The Kumbakor family invites all these people to our final feast on Saturday, starting at 1pm,” Yalya said yesterday, adding that those wanting more information can contact him on cellphone 7383966 or Kapen Kypakali on 76876960.