Kumul subsidiary suggested


Kumul Consolidated Holdings needs to create and add another subsidiary called Kumul Downstream Processing Holdings.
This entity must be tasked to look into building factories to manufacture finished products of different kinds.
In the Highlands, factories or processing plants can be set up to pack vegetables and other cash crops to sell at our own supermarkets, and for exporting to other countries.
Other factories and processing plants can be built in the Islands, Southern and Momase regions to manufacture other products.
This will enable the local farmers to go into extensive farming and increase their income.
The main aim of Kumul Downstream Processing Holdings will be create as many factories as possible to produce different finished products. We can have steel factories, tinned food factories, garments factories, dairies, abattoir and many more.
The bottom line here is increase job opportunities and job creation.
We will be competitive against foreign entities, increase the inflow of foreign currency, and increase our economic base and wealth.

Patriotic PNGan