Kumuls undone by our attitude problem

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THE poor performance of the Kumuls in the Four Nations has drawn a lot of criticisms.
To some extent, these comments are fair.
The performance of the Kumuls has nothing to do with the selection but the events leading up to it and the resignation of coach show a perennial problem in the running of every public department or agency in the country.
I blame it on our ignorant attitude problem that is now fuelling corruption in this country.
We seldom ask questions about why we make such decisions that result in a bad state.
We pretend that others are responsible and start blaming each other when things go wrong.
We have a chronic attitude problem.
We never condemn or condone our actions. 
When we are exposed, we take shelter by criticising each other or take refuge as Christians.
We are a sick society at fault by our foolishness.
We have developed or invented a unique and complicated behavioural change with talents and creativity to muster the art for the destruction of our own future.
We are on an endless mission to destroy our own country and we are already addicted to it.
We are even unaware that we have a problem, claiming we have the land that can continue to provide us our basic needs.
We take things for granted in the way we live and see things the way things really are or should be. 
We think our natural resources will continue to sustain us without consequences.
We are mistakenly underestimating the influences of our actions in shaping the future.
We are indeed a sick society at fault.


Lucas Kiap