Kutubu villagers want answers to redirected funds

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday 21st December 2011

THE people of Nipa-Kutubu district, Southern Highlands, are demanding an explanation from the Department of Finance and Treasury first assistant secretary on why he directed their district treasury vehicle to be given to the Kagua-Erave treasury office.
Councillors and local leaders in the district have expressed grave concern over the move.
The leaders said Nipa-Kutubu did not have an office complex with fen­cing like other treasury offices in the 88 districts and now the department wanted to take their vehicle away.
Poroma council president Andrew Kit, councillor Hiol Lol and Hankas Somolo said they could not understand why Gabi Kila, an officer in charge of the provincial and district treasury offices, wanted the only vehicle used by the treasury office in the Nipa-Kutubu district to be given away to Kagua-Erave.
They said that after Kila, in a letter dated Nov 30, directed the provincial treasury to take away the vehicle and give it to Kagua-Erave treasury office.
They said their electo­rate was large and shared a border with Telefomin, Kerema and Imbonggu and officers in the district used the vehicle to serve the people.
Kit said the Nipa-Kutubu district generated more to the nation’s revenue and if Kila wanted to build a new office complex, then he must do so.
He said people could not understand why the Department of Finance and Treasury built good office complex for other districts and left his district out.
Kit said the district treasury officers now shared a building with the district administrator and he wanted to know when the department would build its own office complex.
Lol and Somolo said the vehicle would not be taken away from Nipa district.
They said it was for the people and the officers on the ground would continue to use it and serve them.
They said if Treasury wanted it could buy a new vehicle for Kagau/Erave.