Kutubu’s enriching cultural experience


KUTUBU, a place tucked away in the heart of the Southern Highlands, is known for its oil resources.
The earliest exploration in the area probably dates back to the 1920s and until the first production of crude oil in 1991, prominence was given to the sector which became synonymous with Kutubu.
The world knew of Kutubu’s oil. It was not told about the culture, flora and fauna, topography and people.
Fortunately, a community in Kutubu founded the Kutubu Kundu and Digaso Festival five years ago to preserve and promote the local culture in a way that can give enriching experiences about the past.
On Friday, Aug 11, the festival’s organising committee successfully organised a fundraising event at the Holiday Inn in Port Moresby for this year’s festival, which is scheduled for Sept 22 – 3.
This year’s theme is “My dance, my song, my story; saving my home for tomorrow” and it will be hosted at Daga village on the fringes of the majestic Lake Kutubu.
It will showcase a diverse group of cultural dancers and performers.
As a cultural fiesta, the event will showcase some intriguing aspects of traditional cultural ties which extends from Kikori in Gulf to Southern Highlands, Hela, Enga and beyond.
There are flights into the nearby airport at Moro.
The locals are friendly and caring to visitors, so please don’t miss it.

Mike Haro