Kwa to help commission interpret section 209 (1) of constitution

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ATTORNEY-General Dr Eric Kwa will return to the Commission of Inquiry into the Union Bank of Switzerland loan to help it on his construction and interpretation of section 209 (1) of the Constitution.
Dr Kwa was asked to provide some details to assist the commission arrive at a known judicial determination of what section 209 (1) meant.
He will present his submission on Tuesday.
Former attorney-general and clerk of parliament Ano Pala will return on Monday to inform the commission on records and recollections of practice in Parliament with respect to the raising of loans outside the budgetary process.
Pala said it was a well established practice where the understanding of the parliamentary procedures was to comply with the constitutional requirements.
He will present a report to the commission at his next appearance.
Those scheduled to appear yesterday such as Dr Ken Ngangan, did not appear because he was unwell.
His appearance was adjourned to Friday.
Mt Hagen MP William Duma was also unwell yesterday so his appearance was adjourned to tomorrow.
Sinasina-Yongomugl MP Kerenga Kua was away in his electorate so his appearance was adjourned to Monday.
David Manau’s appearance was also adjourned to Friday.


  • Is it a coincidence that people are getting “unwell” at a scheduled time to appear at the inquiry?

    The whole nation is hoping for a positive outcome with all those implicated be held accountable for putting the country in such a financial mess.

  • Those little people on the street that steals tin fish & Maggie we got police chasing them and caught them or sometimes shoot them killed and why not they do the same to those who feel unwell and hide away. It’s very sad to hear that so please make any attempt to catch those culprit hiding away.

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