Kwipa family maintains innocence over the mystery woman lawyer

Lae News, Normal


THE Kwipa family, whose daughter is a suspect in the William Kapris case as the “mystery woman lawyer” in his escape last month, insist that they do not know of her activities or her current location.
Mother Betty Mark Kwipa last saw her daughter last Christmas when she departed Lae with other family
members to take a dead relative to their Sakarip village in Wabag, Enga province, for burial.
One of the relatives on that trip was her cousin Priscilla, who together with Mrs Kwipa, was detained at the Lae police station cells last Thursday to Sunday, without being charged with an offence.
Priscilla and another relative were with her during the mourning period and following the burial, when they made for Wabag then Lae.
They arrived back in Lae without her.
“She never made it to Lae and we believe some people may have kidnapped her somewhere between Wabag and Lae.
“Until now we too don’t know where she is now because she hasn’t called us since she took off and nobody had told us about her location,” Mrs Kwipa said.
Mrs Kwipa, who is a devout Christian, swore that she did not have
any knowledge of her daughter’s implied involvement in the Kapris escape from Bomana Maximum Security Prison in Port Moresby.
“Even her father does not have any idea about her whereabouts and when he was threatened and questioned by policemen on his cell phone while in Mt Hagen, he even pleaded with them to tell him where her daughter was,” she said of her 61-year-old husband who is a veteran truck driver.
She said the family was preparing to sue the State following her and Prisilla’s unlawful detention for four days in the Top Town police cell in Lae without any charges, while four children under the age of five were left alone in their East Taraka home.
Her older daughter is residing in Australia while her only son is at boarding school in Morobe province.