Lae Biscuits exports to Fiji

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LAE Biscuit Company Ltd (LBC) has started exporting its popular “Snax” biscuit brand to Fiji.
The export began last July and to  be distributed through WR Carpenters Group-owned chain store Morris Hedstrom, better known as MHCC (Morris Hedstrom City Centre).
The initial exports were bound for Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.
LBC Port Moresby manager Fabian Chow disclosed this when talking  about the company’s lastest and largest factory being constructed along Independence Drive in Lae, Morobe province.
The new factory, which is 204m long, is being built by Lae Builders and Contractors.
“It is no accident that Snax biscuit is the most popular cracker in the country …  that is why we need a new factory … we have special secret formula with the finest ingredients for the strong taste that Papua New Guineas are used to,” Mr Chow said, adding Snax (chicken and beef flavoured) and cabin biscuits are favourites.
LBC also plans to introduce new brands as soon as the factory is commissioned this November, which was earlier set for January.
The K32 million factory would be fitted with a baking oven and state-of-the-art equipment capable of producing about 100 tonnes of biscuits per day.
“This is factory built for the future to cater for PNG’s requirement for 20 years into the future.
“We do have confidence that we can help PNG to grow and become a stronger country and the test is with business booming with the community being productive and fruitful,” Mr Chow said.