Lae city slowly returns to normal

National, Normal

The National, Thursday 10th November 2011

THE situation in Lae city is getting back to normal after Morobeans pledged to lay down arms and work together with government authorities in restoring peace and harmony.
Businesses were yesterday operating, albeit, not fully. The people were going about their businesses as usual with PMVs returning to the roads.
Police were out in full force to see that the return to normalcy was smooth.
Industries, shops and banks resumed normal operations. Only schools remain closed until next Monday.
The automatic telling machines at Bank South Pacific and Westpac in Top Town were packed not only by city residents but also by rural people.
Government officers however were slow in returning to work. The divisions in the Morobe provincial government are yet to resume serving public servants, especially teachers and community health workers from rural areas.
Most people walked to work yesterday morning but caught PMVs back home after work.
The PMVs ran to and from West Taraka, Uni gate, Igam, Bumayong, Back Road and Malahang and a few operated along the Miles area.
The Busu Road from Malahang to Second Seven, which is where most of the rioting Morobeans reside, is still tense.
The markets at Malahang and Hunter were empty of garden produce sellers from the rural Nawaeb district.
Only the Lae Main and Chinatown markets operated, although not fully.
Other major shops including Food Mart in Top Town and Andersons at Eriku had opened for business.