Lae club celebrates 50 years

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FOR 50 years, the Rotary Club of Lae has been helping Papua New Guineans to build the foundation for successful and happy lives.
“We have been doing this since our inception, regardless of gender or background,” the club said in a statement.
The club currently has a registered membership of 20 committed individuals from various organisations in Lae.
Their passion to support communities in need all over PNG drives these tireless individuals to volunteer their time and effort to ensure the development and successful implementation of community projects.
Since its inception on Dec 26, 1959, the club has supported multiple projects in the area of health, education, community and individual development nationwide.
Some of its most notable achievements were:
* The expansion and eventual building of two new children’s ward at the Angau Memorial Hospital costing more than K500,000 in 2005;
* Sending children suffering from cancer to Camp Quality locations in Australia for treatment; 
* Supplied and installed many water tanks in affected areas to help overcome the outbreak of cholera; and 
* The “Rotary against malaria” project through its “Adopt a village” strategy by supplying treated mosquito nets to villages most affected by the disease. In PNG, this is a committed investment of US$150 million (K441 million).
“The Rotary Club of Lae extends its gratitude to the many sponsors, both organisations and individuals, who have dug deep to help the various causes,” the club said in a statement.