Lae Market


LAE Market is the biggest market centre in Lae city.
Thousands of people including experts and foreigners visit the market every day. I t is the main hub where fresh produce from highlands and Momase are distributed. Early this year, we’ve seen changes in management.
There was good performance news spread out about the market earnings which is top in Morobe Revenue.
However, according to hundreds of daily market users, sellers and ingenious Morobeans, the market place is full of activities which is not accounted for as outlines.
Firstly, illegal selling activity is happening in the market place. People (street sellers) are bringing all sorts of Asian mostly counterfeit products and selling them to rural Morobeans selling fresh goods in market. They are really disturbing others from doing their market goods sales.
Secondly, pick pockets are really targeting market place to do their illegal chore. They are not at bus stop due to tough police patrols so they are always in crowded areas. They pretend to be buyers or sellers while watching your moves until they pick your phone or money.
Thirdly, the staffs in charge of toilets are pocketing Toilet Fees. Even after market hours, people are using toilets and the fee goes to the pocket. (See picture).
Lastly, the vicinity of market is always smells bad and really foul. There are leakages of kai bars flowing out while human consumption goods are being sold. It’s totally unhygienic for cholera or diarrhoea to spread out.
l Lae MP and City authority must stop illegal selling activities in the market!
l Install CCTV to monitor staffs or catching ‘pick pockets!
l Stop market facilities like toilets aftermarket hours!
l Remove illegal market occupant’s aftermarket hours!
l A proper plumbing is needed to get rid of fouls smells from leakages in the market!
Although we have all the above bad impacts of our market, however, I do not say the management is bad.
We can always praise the authorities for continuing contribution of vast revenue, but, please, let’s make Lae Market to be safe, hygienic and free for the general public to enjoy daily chores.

Ai bilong ol ai pas

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