Lae to host summit

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday July 9th, 2013

 THE challenge by Commerce, Trade and Industry Minister Richard Maru for Lae district to host the 2014 National Youth small to medium enterprises (SME) Summit has been welcomed.

Religion, Youth and Community Development Minister Loujaya Toni said young people made up half of the country’s population and needed government guidance to venture into sustainable micro-economic activities.

“As a responsible government, we must plan for the future of this country after exhausting our natural resources,” Toni said in a statement.

“I believe we have mapped out a way forward by assisting our people especially the youths who are the future leaders into SME projects.

“As the Member for Lae, I am pleased to welcome the first National Youth SME summit to be stage in my electorate and urge all the youths intending to go into the SME sector to have this in your agenda and attend this meeting.”

Toni announced that K18,000 was raised from the dinner and all proceeds would be equally divided and deposited in the 23 youth ward SME accounts with the Bank South Pacific branch in Lae. She also said that her office would work closely with the Lae district youth council.