Laloki Hospital gets Benzhexol supply to last until next January

National, Normal

THE Laloki Psychiatric Hospital revealed yesterday that it had received last week additional supply of Benzhexol, the drug used by mental patients on anti-psychotic treatment.
Two weeks ago, the hospital reported in the media that it was running out of Benzhexol at its pharmacy and health workers there were beginning to fear an outbreak of adverse side-effects among mental patients if they did not take the drug once supplies eventually ran out.
The pharmacy technician at Laloki revealed yesterday that the additional supply was bought from a private pharmaceutical company as the Health Department’s Badili area medical store has been out of Benzhexol stock for the past two months.
He added that the department had finally approved and released funds for the latest supply but could not disclose the amount spent.
He only highlighted that more Benzhexol was received earlier this week to last till January.
The news of the drug shortage broke out last week but Dr Ludwig Nanawar, who was acting chief executive officer, in the absence of CEO Yamele Getzo had not made any comments regarding the matter despite messages left for him to respond to.
Mr Getzo only resumed duties yesterday after a recreational leave but was not aware of the issue when contacted yesterday afternoon , saying he had yet to be briefed.