Lam: Players know what they have to do

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The National, Friday 14th June 2013

 KUMUL coach Adrian Lam says Team Kumuls Camp 3 has seen a marked improvement in the players.

“We’ve cut the squad down to 22 for this camp and seen great improvement in them,” Lam said. 

“The boys have trained exceptionally well this week, they’ve been outstanding and we’re happy with them,” Lam said yesterday.

The Kumul great added that there were still a good number of players that were not included in the current camp but were being monitored nonetheless and the onus was on them to improve.

“The boys know what they have to do. 

“We’ve given the players certain directives on what to improve on them what we expect. 

“We’ve given players goals to reach and if they haven’t reached those goals then we’ve left them out and told them that they need to lift if they want to go to the next level,” he said.

Members of the Kumuls Camp are in a high performance environment where every aspect of their fitness has been monitored with targets to achieve in strength and power as well as skin fold measurements (fat content on the body).

Other targets to reach are aerobic fitness with a global positioning system used to keep track of a player’s progress or lack of it.

Lam added that game tactics and “game smartness” was also a factor in a players development and all players were expected to learn and make imporvements to their game, with regular assessments to keep them on track to becoming more professional in their approach and to make the most of their natural talent.

“In high performance training and preparation we are aiming to improve the player in all aspects. But the player must make the effort not just in camp but when they go back to their clubs,” Lam said.