Landowners sign deal for security services


Yulai landowners and BT Security Services have signed an agreement to provide security services to Tolukuma gold mine in Goilala, in Central.
George Gusi, chairman of Yulai Landowners’ Association, said that the lack of capacity in venturing into catering, security and other mine contracts were a thing of the past.
He said they would take full ownership of all major spinoff contracts to businesses at Tolukuma.
“I will not let go any single contract to any individuals or companies that are not recognised in the Tolukuma memorandum.” Gusi said.
He said all spinoff businesses would be tied under Gboi Holdings Ltd which was the duly-registered landowner umbrella company.
Gusi said that they had learnt from past experiences and wanted to move on.
“Lack of landowner capacity in doing business was always an issue between the landowners and the consecutive developers of Tolukuma gold mine,” he said.
“This has been the hindrance for the resource owners.”

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