Landowners want separate agreement for mill

National, Normal

The National, Monday 17th June 2013


NAUTI landowners in Watut, who hold 100% equity in the Hamata gold production mill in Bulolo want a separate memorandum of agreement for Hamata.

They want the agreement to be separated from Kuembu and Winima agreements.

Hamata caters for the tailings dam, production mill, Hamata pit, gold conveyor, access road, power station, mine site employee accommodation, fuel bay, the UMW workshop and crusher for the Hidden Valley gold mine in Morobe.

Nauti agreement review committee chairman Kotsie Kepas and deputy chairman Felus Kemavi said properties and facilities at Hamata required a separate agreement.

“The Hidden Valley MoA should never cover Hamata because Kuembu and Winima have no equity share in Hamata,” Kepas said.

“Therefore Rex Mauri, the chairman of defunct Nakuwi Association shall not represent Nauti. 

“Nauti landowners like to tell Morobe Mining Joint Venture, the Mineral Resource Authority and the Morobe administration to realise why we (Nauti) landowners want a separate MoA for Hamata.

“Our assurance to various stakeholders that MMJV will no longer exploit our gold as nature took its course already. 

“Gold will show up when and after responsible authorities come to terms with our agreement.”

Mauri had recently said the Nakuwi association was the only legal entity representing the landowners.