Leaders discipline your people


LAST weekend, a fight between a group from Hela and Southern Highlands resulted in the death of three Southern Highlands men and 20 houses burnt in 8-Mile, Port Moresby.
We come from different provinces to cities and towns to work, raise our kids and contribute to the development of this nation.
Yet, some people like those from Hela, are still living in their caves.
Their MPs should be ashamed of their people’s actions.
A month ago, there was a fight between the people from Hela and policemen at Erima that resulted in unnecessary deaths.
In Port Moresby, there is always a fight between Tari-Enga, Tari-Chimbu, Tari-Goilala, Tari-Goroka, you name it. Please enough is enough, why are their MPs so silent?
There will be more deaths and destructions coming up in 8-Mile so we the victims of this fight want Hela Governor Philip Undialu and Prime Minister James Marape to speak to your people and lecture them on how to behave, live and stay in cities and towns.
This fight is affecting students and working class people to move freely. Freedom of movement is now being restricted.
We appreciate John Kaupa, Anthony Wagambie Jr and other leaders such as Andy Bawa who took part in negotiations.
As a 8-Mile resident, I have not slept well in the past few days.
The fear is affecting my work and my Kids studies.

8-Mile resident,

One thought on “Leaders discipline your people

  • Please don’t blame leaders,leaders they played their part but people themselves unbehaved.Not only Tari doing that but some Tarian who were citizen in cities for long time were fought against with other provinces so don’t mention Tari in the NewsPaper.Other provinces too they misbehave in cities but we could’nt see it so that’s why call Tari only.Why is that?

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