League wins boosting sales


RUGBY league merchandising runs a business concept which supports the PNG Rugby Football League through the manufacture and distribution of merchandise of rugby league’s elite teams.
Jacks of PNG has been manufacturing PNG Hunters merchandise throughout the year and now with the Rugby League World Cup, Jacks outlets are now selling different ranges of PNG Kumuls merchandise.
Jacks of PNG have a merchandise partnership with LIG Merchandise and the PNGRFL where they step in as manufacturers and distributors, while LIG Merchandise monitors the market aspect as a small business.
Pacific Sports media marketing LIG merchandise Hubert Warupi said that as licensed merchandisers to the PNGRFL they show the success of the PNG Hunters merchandise as an example which has conveyed them into the manufacture and distribution PNG Kumuls merchandise.
“We’ve had a big success with the PNG Hunters merchandise launched in March this year from that time up until last month,” he said.
“We were fortunate to have the Hunters make it into the finals and ultimately win the Q-Cup and that really helped boost sales.
“We have paid almost more than K100,000 as royalty component back to the PNGRFL to assist them with their operational requirements and further development of the game.
“We are fortunate to have a good relationship with the PNGRFL that has put faith in a small businesses such as LIG Merchandise.