Legal year opens in Mt Hagen

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DEPUTY Chief Justice Gibbs Salika has challenged members of the legal fraternity and the Law and Justice Sector in Mt Hagen and the Highlands region to perform their constitutional duties to the best of their ability without fear or favour.
Justice Salika said this in his keynote address in Mt Hagen at the opening of the 2010 legal year yesterday.
He told police officers, magistrates, judges, lawyers and Correctional Service officers that their ultimate goal was to uphold the rule of law and perform their duties without fear or favour.
“You must perform to the best of your ability at all times under trying circumstances.
“You must not have any fear or favour, regardless of your affiliation whether a relative, colleague, superior or any relation for that matter.
“You must perform your duty with diligence and be vigilant in your duties,” Justice Salika said.
 “If we have performed to our best according to the rule of law, there should not be any lawlessness in the country,” he added.
He stressed that favouritism was a big problem in Papua New Guinea that led to corruption that was eating away the very fabric of society.
 “If you are honest, you should be proud that you have upheld the rule of law and be proud of your performance,” Justice Salika said.