Let us love one another


Times have changed and we are venturing into a world where people’s lives are not as important as in the past.
I am writing this because I have seen many people seeing other human beings as a homeless dogs on the street.
They can do whatever they like to them, even if it means taking their lives.
It was around 7am when I was at the emergency entrance at Angau Memorial Hospital.
I had left my mother at her sick bed.
A police vehicle came to a halt and an officer came out.
He asked bystanders to lend a hand in helping them to remove a man’s corpse.
Many just turn their heads around because they must have been scared or afraid of holding a dead body.
I got two hand gloves and helped police lift the body out of the vehicle. I saw that it was badly mutilated with cuts with indication of different types of weapons used.
I started wondering: How can we harm, injure and kill a person who is a human being without taking into consideration we have broken the law on this Earth and heaven?
The life taken is precious in God Almighty’s eyes.
We must love others as we love ourselves as written in the Bible.
If we love ourselves, we cannot kill ourselves.
Please let’s love others as we love ourselves.

JP Warisung
Concerned Citizen

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